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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Redesigning my blog

As some of you know I have been blogging since 2007 and only made a few changes over that time span. So my old blog was overly ripe and needed to be picked and changed. Well I did exactly that.

I must admit it has taken me days, evenings and grey hairs but a few days ago I felt ready to let my baby go public (while I hold my breath). I'm, excited to show you and a bit nervous, a lot actually
...I hope it gets your blessing

So whats new? Well first of all I moved my main column to the left and I have cleaned up the side column. I freshened up my "about" page and added a "New Reader?" page which also includes FAQ. So if you ever wondered something and didn't dare to ask, now's the time.

I have a brand new navigation bar, that will make it easier for you to find posts with the topics you like the most.

I also have a new image based archive. But since image-archives means lots of html work I have only included some of my past posts. However, all new posts will be found there. For everyone that is nostalgic, the old archive which is searchable by date is put further down on the blog.

You might wonder how I suddenly became the html queen of the year. Well it is as simple as an e-course offered on a Beautiful Mess by the very colourful and creative Elsie & Elise.

They have truly made a practical step by step (yet eye pleasing) course. The course helped me narrow down my ideas through the home work we were given in the first sessions. In addition they took me through the difficult html (at least for me) in portions big enough to handle.

Now I feel like the goddess of html. I AM the goddess og html!

( least until my next html challenge).

I know, it sounds like I've seen the "spirit" or something, but honestly it is so gratifying and empowering to be able to materialize your ideas... A huge sense of accomplishment.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

good bye old - hello new

It has been growing inside of me for quite some time now ...the need for change. I have wanted a new look and new air to my blog for a long time. Something that fits the inside. How I want it to be. Well I'm working on it.

And what you see is a sneek peek... I hope you like it.

Friday, February 15, 2013

everyday babies

Life is calm in Yonder while I am enjoying my last two weeks of maternity leave. Once a week I get together with four other moms and we let the wee ones play while we share our staying at home experiences. It is such a good support to have a moms group like that.

And when our babies fall asleep in their car chairs we enjoy a calm lunch and a cup of tea

After spending the last 6 and a half months at home I am actually looking forward to get back to work. Daddy Yonder will have 12 weeks of paternity leave and then it's my turn again to spend time with little a until august when kindergarten begins (if we are lucky enough to get a spot).