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Monday, October 08, 2007

Sting for sting - Stitch by stitch

Jeg fikk endelig litt tid til å holde på med hånarbeid i helgen. Det gjør virkelig godt å kunne sette seg ned å sy litt innimellom all utpakkingen. Det er meldt -1 grad i morgen tidlig og kaldere skal det bli utover høsten og vinteren. Da passer det bra at jeg snart er ferdig med ull & apekatt prosjektet…

This weekend I finally had some time to do some crafting. It feels so good to be able to sit down and stitch a bit in between all the unpacking. It has been forecasted – 1 degree (Celsius) tomorrow morning and it will become colder throughout this fall and winter. It suits me well then that I am soon finished with the wool & monkey project…


  1. Ooh, that looks lovely! I've not thought about sewing with felt like that before, it looks great. You've inspired me there. It sure looks warm! Glad the unpacking is coming along and you have some time to craft. Well done! :)

  2. me encantan los colores que elegiste. 1 grado ya? si, tenes razon, es bueno para crear adentro de casa con un te calentito.

  3. gracias por el comentario! el idées es una revista fabulosa pero entre lo que más me gusta está el cuadernillo aparte con esos dibujos tan bonitos de Nami Horikawa, de ella twengo este librito no es de patrones, pero si cuenta una historia cotidiana de uan chica a través de bordados, bueno la hgistoria no es lo mejor porque ella se obsesiona ya que el no la llama... si encuentro imagenes te las enlazo,

  4. Flott header (også)!


  5. I just wanted to stop by and say hello, I found your blog through Di.

  6. Your wool project sounds perfect for cold fall days and nights!

    i love your blog header!


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