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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Finally finished & back again

After a long unplanned blog break I’m back to blog land.

Before I continue I would like to say a big THANK YOU (!!!) to everyone who has written to me during these nine months, either to ask me how I’m doing or to tell me that they miss me. All the mails and comments have been highly appreciated. It felt good to know that you thought about me and cared enough to write some lines. Your words gave me positive energy in an otherwise tough time and it motivated me to come back… although it has taken some time; now I’m here.

In February I found out I was pregnant; the week after, I found out that my employer wasn’t going to prolong my contract…I was without a job. The following days and worries took away all my energy. I needed to use all my time in finding a new job before my belly became too obvious.

Fortunately nothing is as bad as not being good for something. The situation gave me the opportunity to experience, and be reminded of how many good friends I have and how they are there for me when most needed. A former co-worker talked with his boss and after a week and a half I got a job interview. A couple of months later I had a new job. The best part was that my new employer new I was pregnant and still wanted to hire me.

Here in Norway we have nine months of 100% paid maternity leave (or 12 months with 80% paid maternity leave). The only requirement is that you have been working six of the last ten months before the leave starts (it usually starts three weeks prior to the due date). So as you might understand, this made it even more important to find a new job as soon as possible. I am therefore tremendously grateful for my friend that reached out a helping hand.

With the pregnancy end beginning of a new job it took me longer to come back than I thought, but here I am. And the first thing I want to show you is the finished needle book that I’ve made for Laurraine. I am especially in love with this needle book because it has its origin in a flickr-comment Laurraine made on the first needle book I made. She is an angle for being so patient with me, since this is a swap that has been on for more than a year, I hope you like it Laurraine…it’s finally on its way.


  1. well ... have had your baby?
    I hope that everything is fine with you and with him!
    a big kiss and congratulations to you two, everything in life has solution: D, we only are too fragile,sometimes, but life continues and there are other who will start, FELICIDADES!!!
    big hug

  2. Hi Anne Marie! So glad to see you back and with wonderful news too! What a year it has been for you then, hard times and amazing times. I've missed you and thought of you, hoping you are doing well now. Welcome back! Much love, xx

  3. Welcome back - I've missed you.

  4. Hi Anne Marie. I was beginning to wonder what has happend to you. Welcome back. Have you had your baby?

  5. Welcome back! And congratulations, I guess! Or are you still waiting?

  6. Hello Anne Marie!! I am so glad to see you back! And it's only a couple of days since I left a message enquiring after you!

    Congratulations on all the activity!!


  7. Bienvenida! Se te echaba de menos. Me alegro de que todo este bien.

    Enhorabuena! pero nos has dejado con el misterio... ¿y el bebé? ¿lo has tenido ya?

    Felicidades de nuevo :)

  8. what a roller coaster... i'm so glad your story has a good ending...

    so happy for you and your little one!

    welcome back!

  9. Godt å høyre at alt er vel!

    Nåleboka er kjempeskjønn. :)


    And you even left some pics of fun stuff.

    Hope you are well (baby too?)!

  11. Velkommen tilbake! Og gratulerer med alt det nye! Men som de andre lurer også jeg på dette med babyen..?

  12. Hola, me alegra mucho que todo se esté solucionando. Que lindo es el porta agujas :), es lo que he entendido que es, mi inglés es terrible :) un abrazo

  13. me había preguntado por ti muchas veces, pero esta chica, estará bien? genial!!! esto aún es mejor, vas a ser madre y eso sí que es un buen cambio, aún más grande que el trabajo, un niño es un regalo para toda la familia, un beso muy grande

  14. Hi I just discovered your blog through your lovely flickr crafting pictures and it is lovely, i shall add you to my regular reading list! I love the fabric you have used for this and wish you lots of luck with the baby :)

  15. Thank you so much for the warm words and the welcoming! It is so nice to be with you again. Looking forward to read & see your blogs this fall and winter. Looking forward to all the inspiration you give through your words and creations. Yeay, I´m back again :-)

  16. Det var godt å se deg tilbake - du forsvant brått, men alt har en forklaring ... :D
    Gratulerer med datter!

  17. Oh Anne Marie!
    Thank you for letting us know how you are doing. I am so happy that everything worked out for you and that you now have a beautiful baby girl! I can't wait to receive my needlebook! I know it will be vey soon now! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your newest family member :o)
    Holiday Hugs from Canada,
    Laurraine xox


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