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Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Lavender Thank You

In my last post I said I had some loose ends still to be tied but that they might be fun to do. I was thinking about the “pay it forward” crafty exchange. Last October I promised to send a home made goodie within 365 days to the first three people leaving a comment on the post. I should of course never have committed to a time limit since I’m hopeless at keeping deadlines. The 365 days came and went. But I will keep my promise of sending a home made goodie together with the saying “better late than never”. These small Thanks giving houses filled with jersey lavender are about to be packed and sent on there way. Thank you for waiting!


  1. De er skønne, A-M! God adventssøndag. knus Mette

  2. Hi! these little houses are really gorgeous!! lucky girls :DD
    to win a gift made by me, you have to comment on post on December 3th and hope that your name is drawn :DDDD
    thanhs for stoping by :)
    hugs Isabel

  3. These are lovely!! It just reminded me I have one gift still to send too!! Better get making! Hope the babe is doing well!!

  4. Felicísima al verificar tu vuelta, sigo vagando por tu blog para conocer esos trabajos bellos y posibles desde la creación.


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