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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Old shoes and a green velvet sofa

Its weekend again, yohoo! Actually since I’m on maternity leave (until September) weekends and week days are not very different. What’s good about Weekends is that Mr. Life in Yonder can spend more time with us, especially with Astrid. She loves to be rocked in her daddy’s arms. This past week I have done some more stitching but I haven’t had the time to take photos of it yet. As soon as I do I’ll post them up here.

Otherwise I have been busy getting rid of shoes and selling our old sofa. Pregnancy resulted in a gained shoe size (from a 38 to a 39) which means I have to replace all my shoes. I love buying shoes, but there are a couple of nice shoes in my collection that I would have preferred not growing out of. Like a pair of campers that I bought in Barcelona last Easter. I’m going to hold on to them for some more months in case my feet should change back to its original pre-pregnant size. Luckily I have another cute pair of campers that still fit.
Besides getting rid of old shoes we sold our green velvet vintage sofa. While another mummy got a new old sofa we had to sell ours. It was my paternal grandmother’s sofa. She and my grand father bought it back in the 50-ties. In the early 70-ties my mother used to take an afternoon nap in it while she was pregnant with me, and this last fall I did the same while pregnant with Astrid. It was hard to see it go. What made it bearable was that the buyers are going to put it in their newly opened coffee shop/cafeteria (about an hour and a half from were we live) so we can visit our sofa anytime we want. In February we will get acquainted with our new sofa, also green.

Yesterday I went shopping with a friend (she’s also on maternity leave) to see if we could find something nice on the new years sale. I found a pair of jeans that I have fallen in love with, they were of course not on sale but that doesn’t matter. My body has changed during/after the pregnancy so I was just happy I could find something that looks cool and fits. They will actually be perfect with the campers I haven’t grown out of (need to show you a picture one day).

My friend is one of few friends in real life that likes to make things whether it is knitting or sewing. So every time I’m with her I go nuts talking about fabrics, yarn, patterns, present projects, future projects and so on. The best part about it is that she doesn’t think I’m crazy; in fact she rambles back about the same kind of things. Together with a cup of tea or coffee latte that is just heaven for me. Vitamins for my soul.


  1. Supersøte broderi igjen! :)

    God søndag...

  2. those mushrooms are so perfect!

    do hang on to your old shoes for awhile longer! my feet appeared to grow a size too but they shrank back to their old size within a few months of birth.


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