Friday, February 27, 2009

french sentiments

After last weeks pep talk from you my crafting mojo is completely back and I have begun cross stitching French sentiments that will go on the sides of the coloured squares.

I’m using a nostalgic alphabet from this French cross stitch book that I bought a couple of years ago …Love it when I find small pattern treasures in my own books.

Since the book only contains the alphabets and not the sentiments I needed to write the letters together into the actual words to see if they would fit into my strips of pink linen. To do this I downloaded a free trial version of PC stitch 7. This is a software that allows you to design your own cross stitch patterns.

Actually I downloaded several free trial software to do this, but of the four different softwares I tried I would recommend PC stitch. It was easy to understand and use right away. I also liked that I could decide the size of the “canvas” both in stitches and in inches, and most importantly the software lets you centre your motive (perhaps the other programs do too, but I never found out how). Centring the motive helps you know where to start stitching which is nice if you have a predefined size of fabric to stitch on.

If you do download PC stitch you should know that the free version will not let you save or print your motive. But if you do a couple of print screens you can save and print as many motives you like for the free trial period. I actually ended up buying the standard version since I have several cross stitch projects in mind for this year.

Now I’m going to stitch some more. Have a nice week end everyone!


  1. that's so sweet! really elegant, beautiful stitching.

  2. very nice! now that spring is just around the corner I look forward to take my needle and thread and begin to cross-stitch!!
    thanx for the idea of PC stitch 7! i will try!

  3. Lovely stitching. Thank you for all those tips on PC Stitch. I know what I'll be doing tonight!!

    That book you found your lettering pattern in looks intriguing. Would you recommend it? When I looked at it on Amazon it linked to a similar book called "Alphabets anciens a broder au point de croix". The work on the cover looks very similar to a pattern I used a few months back. I don't think I'll be able to resist buying this book. Thank you again.

  4. Så utruleg vakkert! Det er lenge sidan eg har brodert korssting, no fekk eg jammen lyst til å prøve igjen! :)

    Ha ein god tysdag!

  5. Ohmygosh! Those are some teeny tiny stitches! I used to love to do cross stitch, but I'm not sure my eyes would take it any more. Anyway, yours is just beautiful -- as are the fabrics you've been using on the quilt in the last few posts!

  6. Kristine: The book you mention "Alphabets anciens a broder au point de croix" is actually on my wish list.

    Now as for which one to choose it is difficult to say. The book I have is a book with different patterns and only a few of them are alphabets. So if you are looking for a book with alphabets I would go with the "Alphabets anciens a broder au point de croix".

  7. Beautiful! Wish I could start som stitching.....

  8. Hei! Det er jo nydelig...
    klem fra Emily


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