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Sunday, August 09, 2009

July flew by too fast and so did my holiday. If it was up to me I would have continued our holiday life for three or four more weeks. I already miss the sun and incredible bright light from Spain. We have had some wonderful weeks cooked together by laidback beach life, sea food, cold drinks, tapas, fresh fruit, walking about, friends and lots of family. Astrid has loved beach- and swimming pool life, and we have loved watching her joy and her smiles (and the hour and a half long naps she would take after a dip in the water). She is such a happy girl.

By the way, welcome back from holiday and vacation! I hope you have had a wonderful time too.


  1. Astrid er så nydelig!
    Kjekt å se dere har det bra!

  2. For ei nyyyydelig lita prinsesse du har:-) Ser ut som hun storkosa seg i varmen. Kjekt å se at dere har kosa dere så mye på ferie:-)

  3. Astrid does indeed look very happy! I can understand why - sun and swimming pools - great combination! I am glad that you enjoyed your summer! I have yet to have my holidays - 5 days in Switzerland in 2 weeks and 8 days in Greece in September - weddings to attend in both places - hiking in Switzerland and a visit to the Greek island of Hydra are planned for after the weddings.

  4. What darling pictures. Sounds like a wonderful trip - and a good chance to refuel the systems. Welcome back to 'life'.

  5. Takk skal dere ha jenter! Håper dere også har hatt en flott ferie!

    Thank you Di and Rani!


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