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Thursday, August 20, 2009

mille bolle blu

Since Astrid began kinder garden I have had more time. She comes home completely exhausted with all the activities and impressions. I make her dinner (She is a good eater and so far there is nothing she doesn’t like - knock on wood). We play for a while, I read her a book or two and she begins to touch her earlobe which is a safe sign that it is time for bed. After a short stop in the bathroom for a quick wash up and some tooth brushing it is off to bed. In less than a minute she has stretched her arms above her head, sneaked her left foot outside of the cover and fallen asleep.

This has freed time for some crafting. I am knitting again. And I sense an urge to stitch pink crosses. It is weak, but growing. In the meantime let me show you what I began stitching earlier this summer before went on holiday. Once again it is a motive by Hiroko Ishii, but his time I altered the design a tiny bit by making some of the balloons in fabric instead of stitching them. I haven’t taken a photo of the final result yet, but I will.


  1. i love this it your own design? its beautifully stitched

  2. I love it too! The little girl with the balloons is amazing! I am glad that Astrid is such a good baby!

  3. That is just beautiful. And I love your first paragraph. The description of your evening is so simple and full of good feeling. - very well written and lovely -

  4. Looks wonderful! And I can't wait to see what you're knitting :D

    Have a nice day!!


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