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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Guilt free brunch

Every year I do the same. And I do it with the same kind of short term memory innocence and good intentions as the year before. In early fall (this year it was at the beginning of October) I make an optimistic list of what I will make for gifts and for whom. And every year in mid November it becomes clear that there is no way in h… Yonder that I will make it through the list. Sometimes I don’t even get started.

There is one change however… a change that came about a couple of years ago. I don’t feel guilty anymore; there are no attacks of bad conscience. I don’t stop doing other things because I have to make presents. I only make things the days I have some spare time.
Like today. I had spare time. I could choose between staying at home to finish knitting a baby hat or have brunch together with good friends and their family.
I chose brunch.


  1. you did well, friends are a nice thing to treasure !

  2. I know that guilt feeling....having brunch with friends was the best choice!

  3. Excellent choice, my friend!! T

  4. Yes, friends are the best cure for guilt!

  5. Looks like you have a great time. Lovely photos! Having brunch with frineds and family is fun! This is one of my favorite thing to do..

    enjoy the day!

  6. I'm learning as well !
    I remember times where guilt would even keep me up at night:( but no more.
    I give my best, my reasonable best.

  7. The first Christmas after Ali was born I was up until midnight baking biscuits and pavlova, and sewing a dress for my sister. And then I had to feed Ali all night, and spent Christmas day exhausted. I realised the stress was completely of my own making, and swore never again! Now I am trying to do the same as you, and be more reasonable in my expectations. Lots of family are getting books for Christmas this year instead of homemade gifts, and that is just fine... I figure it's more important to enjoy the season with my little family than slave over the oven or sewing machine :)


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