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Monday, November 02, 2009

more warm wool

I finished another wool sweater for Astrid with some very affordable baby wool from Gjestal. I used this pattern because I wanted a sweater with a long and warm neck so that Astrid will be warm even if she doesn’t wear a scarf. I like the pattern, it's an easy knit. However next time I think I will leave on more stitches for the neck (at least if I use this yarn), because when closing the buttons in the back it is a tiny bit tight. For this one I’ll just close the two first buttons and leave the third open.

Wish you all a good week!


  1. What a sweet sweater. I really like the color you chose. Thank you for a link to the pattern, it is always so helpful when reading a pattern to see that someone has knit it already..and it turned out so sweet.

    Your Astrid.. oh she is cute.

  2. The vibrant and beautiful color is lovely on her! What a great idea to make a turtleneck sweater, one that she can wear everyday or for dressing up! I should make something like this for my kids too, maybe it will keep them from getting sick more this winter! Hope you area all staying warm and healthy- the weather right now is the picture of fall drear... All the better to stay inside and knit!

  3. beautiful sweater and beautiful child!

    I am rather new at blogging and just looking around in blogging world. There is so much inspiring out there!
    Love your blog!
    thanks for sharing


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