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Saturday, February 27, 2010

corner view {street photography}

I had to run some errands this morning and could barely get my car out from where it was parked, because of all the snow. It has snowed almost every week since little Christmas Eve.

Anyhow, I was on a mission to buy wools socks and winter boots for Astrid. The boots were on sale (50%) so I bought two pairs. I buy them two sizes bigger than what she uses now. According my friend T this “formula” ensures me to have shoes that will fit for the coming winter season. I know, It’s crazy thinking about next winter season when this one never seems to end, but a good modern housewife needs to save her pennies were she can and that means planning ahead and going on sales.

On my way home after parking the car the wind was getting stronger and the snow flakes kept lashing down and around. The only ones in the street except from me was an old lady waiting for the bus, and her friend (she was standing behind me and therefore not in the photo) who was struggling down the pavement with her walking stick, while waving to the woman at the bus stop.

I had planned to go out on another errand together with mr. Yonder and Astrid but realized the best thing was probably to stay home and so we did.

PS: Some time ago I discovered a series of posts on Jane’s blog called corner view. Jane invited me to share photos from my corner of the world. Every week there is a different theme and this week the theme is “street photography”. Visit Janes blog for other corner views.


  1. That is a sweet winter wonderland street. And, it's amazing there is life going on despite the amount of snow, or shall we say, mountains of snow?

  2. Good to see you joining Corner View - I've been bad at participating in the last couple of weeks.

    That's a lot of snow. Some parts of central Scotland got 25cm midweek but in Dundee we had none!!

  3. i'm sorry i completely missed your corner view, last week has been such a tough week here...
    i'd trade for a walk in your streets !!
    the snowbound bike looks very impressive to me !

  4. geez! look at all that snow! stay warm!

  5. that's a lot of snow.
    Nice pictures though.

  6. I love snow - so I love your pictures. And snow storms are always exciting for me. The world seems to hunker down and it's a chance to take advantage of simply being cozy.

    That's a good idea about the boots. My oldest is now wearing shoes in MY size - ugh. Big boy - only 11 but with the body of a large troll! 50% would save a whole lot of pennies!


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