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Thursday, September 09, 2010

June in Yonder

We have had summer filled with blissful moments that has fuelled our batteries with energy that shall last until next summer. I am sure you have fuelled your own batteries with your own moments, but if you haven’t or if you want to take a peek into our moments stay with me. The coming days I will share June, July and August with you. Welcome back!

It rained and rained... lovely tip tapping summer rain

Astrid loved it. She loves any kind of water, ponds, ocean, pools, lakes, kitchen sinks... as long as there is water she's with it.

I layed out all my favourite summer outfits on the bed before we went to Spain. It's hard to leave favourits behind but I managed to not bring too much this summer (I had a big white dress that took most of the suitcase space).

Our balcony garden bloomed and thrived (it is still blooming). And even if we don't have bees like this Montana girl we were blessed with bumble bees and the smell of lavender.

I prepared gifts for my bridesmade and four other good friends that helped me out on our wedding day. Besides my bridesmade I had a bracelet made for my hair dresser friend, my make-up friend, my photographer friend, and one for my "you need to go for a morning swim on your wedding day" friend. They all contributed to a calm and happy bride.


  1. Such lovely photos - it sounds like a wonderful summer. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the big white dress!

  2. What a beautiful nod to summer. It always seems to fly by so quickly. Look at how big your girl is getting!!

  3. Qué fotos tan bonitas! Espero julio y agosto.

  4. What a beautiful scene , Astrid playing!!! The lavender is gorgeous!!!

  5. Hello!! I am so glad that you had a great summer! I can't wait to see July and August. I moved house and I didn't take any holiday yet!! In 10 days i am off to Milan and Venice - to visit friends and their 18 month old son (who I have yet to meet) in Milan and to spend 4 days wandering the streets of Venice and gliding by boat down the canals with 2 good friends and hopefully sitting out on the roof terrace of the apartment we've rented enjoying some late summer wine!!

  6. Welcome back! So glad you are blogging again, I missed you. Congratulations on your wedding! I love the shots of getting big Astrid from that bird's eye view.
    emily xo


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