Sunday, March 13, 2011

two requests and a pair of baby mittens

Thank you so much everyone for your well wishes, good advice and shared thoughts. It feels special to have so many people care about our well being and share this new adventure with us. Thank you.
Baby mitten made in baby wool for my friend R's daughter
Sarah-Jane and Homebody at Heart have made each their request some blog posts ago. Sarah-Jane would like a neck warmer pattern for grown ups. So I have begun working on one based on her request and perfect for anyone who would likes to be warm around their neck but wants something else than a scarf. I share the pattern once I get happy with the result.

Homebody at Heart has asked me if I could share an apple cake recipe and I can. I just need time to bake it so that I can take photos to accompany the recipe. Cake day will be put on the calendar.

For everyone living in Japan or knowing someone living in Japan, I hope yours ones are doing well. All my Japanese friends and friends living in Japan are good. I love what some artists have come up with this last week to show their thoughts with everyone hit by this tragedy. Check out Gera’s free cross stitch chart “We are with you Japan” and Natascha Rosenberg’s illustration “Hug Japan”.

Wishing everyone a good week!

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  1. Hello obliging lady! It's always nice to make things for others at their request.
    Be well!

  2. Well this is big news - and happy news. A new job and a new home. Congratulations. I hope you take pictures of the first little birds to be fortunate enough to visit your feeder. And I couldn't agree with you more regarding the garage. Snow is pretty - but a pain in the arse at 6:30 am on a work day when you have to dig out your car. Grrrrr.

  3. Congratulations on all of your wonderful news! Having a bit of outdoor space can be very satisfying (as well as a lot of work!). Are you going to have a garden? I was really surprised at the flowers I saw all over Oslo (and even as far north as Trondheim) given how cold it gets but I figure that the really long summer days probably give the plants a super, growing boost.

    I would love to attract wild birds to my backyard but I don't seem to get many different species, although, I know many more types of birds are in our area because I see them when I go out into the rural areas to do field work.

    I really enjoy reading your blog especially when I learn about Norway and with all of your prolific knitting, I have been inspired to take knitting lessons! So, I hope that with all that you have going on, you will have time to keep on blogging!



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