Monday, October 10, 2011

Starting to get there

i love my new kitchen

At least for now most of the main work on the house is done. We have several details left, but can't do them all at once. One detail is for instance to put up paintings and photos on the wall. Somehow i am in no hurry. After all the work and money we have spent on the walls i am terrified to make holes in the wall. In case we make one and regret it.

The stair colour we chose

My anxiety of making holes in the wall actually reminds of my anxiety for cutting into new fabrics. But we can’t live a lifetime with bare walls, so sooner or later we will have to bring out the hammer and nails.

visit from new wee  neighbours (look at our bare walls)

The plan is to frame all our chosen photos and posters put them on the floor (no nails required), and then see if a hanging on the wall pattern reveals itself to us. What do you think? Does it sound like a plan?


  1. Yes, a good plan, but I can see feeling the way you do, not wanting to place a nail into any of my new and perfect walls. I'm looking at all of the beautiful green outside the window beside your sofa. A different sort of art. Lovely.

  2. wow what a great job you did !

    i know what you mean about bare walls & nail holes !
    in our sitting room i went for an ikea shelf the plain white one where you don't see any brackets, and i display frames or other items on it, changing them according my mood or season, so there is no more hole to make if i change my mind !

    i'm in love with the grey of your stairs !!

  3. You've made amazing progress....I'm still sitting with relatively bare walls too! Your kitchen looks great. I just read The Help - enjoyed the story. Looking forward to seeing the film.

    Have a good week!

  4. Looks like we are in a similar predicament with bare painted walls and choices to make on what goes on the walls! Your home looks lovely and cozy. I continue to enjoy my bare walls painted over summer, almost feeling reluctant to hang things because I love the reflections from light on the wall! Take your time and enjoy your nest Anne.

  5. Hello!

    The house looks wonderful! But, you are teasing us with those glimpses of your back yard! I was watching TV and I saw an advertisement for this hanger product that doesn't harm walls called Command from CM. Here is their website.

    I don't know if they have it in Norway but it looks interesting.

  6. Muy bonita la cocina, ya va todo cogiendo forma!!!
    uf! a mi lo de los cuadros y las lámparas me da dolor de cabeza tambien, de hecho tengo mil láminas pendientes de colgar porque no me decido.
    Yo tengo algunos cuadros colgados con una cinta adhesiva de doble cara especial, los tengo hace años y no se ha caido ninguno. No se si es la misma marca que te comentan en algún comentario anterior pero a mi me ha funcionado perfectamente :)


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