Thursday, March 14, 2013

tidying toys all day long

Lately I have felt like I do nothing but picking up toys from the floor and tidying all day long. Since our bedrooms are on the second floor this means a lot of up and down the stairs … I know, it’s good exercise, but after the ninth time up & down those stairs I usually have enough of it.

I want the toys to be nearby so that Andreas can play with them when he wants. At the same time I don’t want to stumble upon them on the floor every time I go to the living room.

So finally after pondering on a solution that fits both my needs: Easy access and easy tidying. I took some sewing action and made a toy basket that hangs from little monkey’s day bed.

I must say I am very pleased with both the idea and the end result.

I used some Japanese fabrics I had in my pile of fabric stash, bought some Viledon to stiffen the basket and made the straps long enough so that it will be easy for Andreas to get the toys when he wants to play…in time perhaps I can even show him how to put them back in there (…it could be a funny children’s game couldn’t it?)

It’s been hanging on the day bed for a few days now and works marvelous. I tidy in seconds and take the toys out again in no time. Perfect.

I’m working on a tutorial, but it is taking some more time than I thought. So hang in there if you would like to make one for your monkeys, or perhaps for another purpose completely.


  1. Very, very cute. Especially with your adorable little monkey!!!

  2. your little guy looks very happy with this solution :)

  3. I love the toy bag - it's great! And Andreas is adorable!

    I tried to send you an email a few days ago - not sure I have the correct address......

  4. Me encanta la idea ¡Andreas está precioso!

  5. Hei! Takk for hyggelig kommentar på bloggen min! Kjekk liten lekeveske, kan tenke meg at både mor og sønn er fornøyd med denne :)


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