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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Atlanterhavsparken {part two}

At the Ålesund Aquarium “Atlanterhavsparken” there is an outdoor area perfect for kids who likes water (do you know a kid that does not like to play with water?).

There is a water source at the top of what I would call a small hill. From the top to the bottom, there are different streams of water.

You can choose to open the access of water to the streams depending on where you want to lead the water, and depending on where you want a strong current for your boat.

Did I mention she enjoyed herself?


  1. How fun! I love your animation. Makes me want to be a little girl again and go there to play!

  2. I love how she makes use of the space and the fact that we were the only ones outside that day.

  3. looks like a wonderful place ... those rocks are so nice, and what a cool animation :D

  4. hmm something happened to my comment :(
    looks like a wonderful place and your animations is so cool.


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