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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stripes for Cousin K

Last spring when I found out I was being an aunt again I casted on for another striped sweater. I still had some left over yarn from the Blue for Baby A, and I had some left over ideas on how to combine the colours.

I casted 176 stitches on the needles and began knitting in the round. After knitting a 2x2 rib in grey, I began knitting blue and white stripes. Each blue stripe consist of ten rows of blue , and each white stripe consists of eight rows of white.

This is the third time I have used this Drops pattern as a base for my own ideas (I have another sweater I still haven’t posted on Ravelry or here). I love the crew neck with the split, which makes it a baby friendly sweater when it comes to taking on and off. I am also a big fan of thin knitted garments as they warm, but are lightweight and does not feel bulky. Winter here is all about layers. Because the sweater is a small size it is still a pretty quick knit, even if it’s knitted on 2.5 mm needles.

Compared to “Blue for baby A”, this sweater is more “low key”, no bright yellow contrast. More subtle. Still, I couldn’t resist putting an x on one of the buttons holes.

In Novermeber, after spending time in the UFO pile for several months, I finished the last details (sewd on the buttons) in a hurry so this could be part of our Christening gift to Cousin K. Let’s just say that last minute photo shoots indoors in November does not give the best photo light. Have a nice Tuesday!


  1. Flott genser og flott gave!
    Det mønsteret har jeg også brukt som basis for flere gensere, - veldig kjekt. jeg tror ingen av dem ligger på den nye bloggen, men finnes sikkert i den gamle.
    å ta gode bilder på denne årstiden er ingen lett oppgave, inne er det for dårlig lys og ute bare snør og snør det med sterk kuling i tillegg - en håpløs oppgave:)

  2. Elsker denne genseren og fargekombinasjonen! Kjempefint med knappene på siden!

  3. Nydelige striper - og SÅ mye fint her inne ellers :)

  4. Det er så kjekt å finne slike oppskrifter med god fasong som man kan bruke som basis og forandre på etter humør! Veldig fin og enkel denne genseren, liker når stripene ikke er samme bredde :) Denne blir nok brukt mye!
    Det er give away hos meg om du vil bli med;)

    Ha en strålende dag videre!

  5. It's just beautiful Anne Marie! I don't know what you're talking about with the winter light -- I think the photos are great. And 2.5 mm needles -- it looks like it would take a long time. Very Cute!

  6. This is adorable. Are the buttons made of wood?

    1. Yes they are Denise (...and let me know if you want some).

  7. Så herlig genser du har strikket, Happy Knitting!

  8. Muy chulo, soy muy fan de las rayas, siempre quedan bien!! :)


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