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Friday, October 03, 2014


Did you visit Alicia’s blog? Well today, I’ll share some pictures of Llanarium the yarn shop she took me to. If you are planning to visit Barcelona in the near future, I recommend a visit to this cosy little yarn shop in the middle of Barcelona’s huff and buzz’ - OK so I just invented those words, but you know what I mean, right?

Right next to Placa Catalunya in a narrow side street, you find Llanarium and its very sweet owner Laia (which is expecting her first baby). This is where Alicia took me after our initial “hellos”, and “how fun to finally meet you”! And I loved it.

There I also discovered that as much as this blog world is big, it is also small. It turns out that some of the other knitter aficionados in the shop had read the (then) most current post about my visit to Pickles (without knowing it was my blog). When they saw me walking in with the Pickles bag they were a bit surprised and began explaining how they had just read about that shop in a blog… When showing us which blog they had seen it in, it turned out…It was Life in Yonder. Life’s coincidences.

While they talked about the yarn, I took pictures and looked at all the yarn- wonder in Llanarium.

At Llanarium I also met Esther who was knitting herself a featherweight cardigan with Schachenmayr select yarn. I have read a lot about featherweight cardigan when it was a big hit on Ravelry, but never seen one in real life. Now I understand its popularity. I love the shape of it. It is a perfect summer cardigan. In fact, I loved Esther’s version of it so much that I bought the same yarn to knit one. You can see her finished cardigan on Ravelry.

The photos I took does not give this shop or the nice people in it justice, but if you have time, look at this short video presentation of the shop that captures the feeling you get inside. A warm welcoming knit place. When you do so, take a notice of the man with the spectacles. His name in Josep Mestres and he is a crochet master. He makes the most elegant and feminine crocheted designs I have ever seen. Oh, if only I had Audrey Hepburn’s body…

Have a nice week end! I'm going to use the week end to read about the knitters get together at the wool factory in Sjølingstad. One day I'll go there too. I hope.


  1. Sjølingstad virker jo som himmelrik; mor på tur alene utenfor fylkesgrensen, store mengder garn og likesinnede - what's not to like?!? Du kan få sitte på med meg til neste treff på Sjølingstad i bytte mot at du tar meg med til Llanarium neste gang vi er i B..... Men jeg håper det blir ei stund til neste Sjølingstadtreff altså, for etter å ha lest meg gjennom de fine bloggrapportene derfra, kjenner jeg sterkt på at vi er nødt til å stille i no'n snaaaaasne kofter...eller minimum i egenstrikkede plagg (fortrinnsvis overdeler,da). Så det er ikkeno' å vente på med den Featherweight'en, min venn!! God helg!! ;-)

    1. He-he. Jeg må først kjøpe deilig mykt og tynt ullgarn hvis jeg skal strikke en av de fine jakkene til Ann. Kanskje jeg skal benytte anledningen til å bli kjent med Malsen og mors garn.

  2. Å, Barcelona, vil dit igjen!! Skal skrive tipset bak øret, takk for inspirasjon :))

  3. Oooooh!! Para lo poco fotogénica que yo soy, no he quedado muy mal, jejejeje
    Qué tarde más chula pasamos!! Estoy muy contenta de haberte conocido!
    Nos tienes que enseñar tu chaqueta acabada, no? ;))

    1. Que dices! Si has quedado genial! Yo soy la afortunada de haber podido conoceros a vosotras. Encuanto tenga la chaqueta terminada os la enseñare, en persona.

  4. Wow -- it looks like you had a great trip to Barcelona. Meeting blog friends is The. Best! I chuckled in "reading" the comments you have on your blog -- I say "reading" because I can't understand them. Just how many languages can your blog comments contain. Here's the English entry LOL!!!

  5. Me alegra mucho tener una nueva amiga!!! Fue una tarde estupenda, espero poder repetirla cuando vuelvas por aquí.


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