Tuesday, December 23, 2008

dancing nisser - part two

Here are the rest of my cross stitched nisser. Aren't they cute? My very favourite is "ms. single" dangling from a tree. Not because being single is such a great thing (all though it can be), but because she looks feisty and so full of life. She is dancing and having fun all by herself.

The nisser are stitched on danish linen that I received as a gift from a danish exchange student we housed more than ten years ago, when studying in Trondheim. I still have enough linen left in case I get inspiredto do another set of these nisser.

On another note...This is the night before the night "little Christmas eve" or "lillejulaften" as we would say here in Norway. Tonight is the night when we decorate the Christmas tree (after untangling the lights from last year) and when we put all the parcels under the tree. Today Christmas officially begins in our home. We will eat ginger bread cookies and drink "gløgg" (something similar to glüwein) If you want to read more about our traditions for this day you can read more here.

Today is also the day when both my brother and Mr. Life in Yonder comes home. It will be the first time my brother meets Astrid as he has been away this fall and I can't wait for him to meet her. Ohh, and toda is Astrid's two month day b-day! I'm so in love with her.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


  1. hi Anne!!
    to you and your litle Astrid!!
    HUGS Isabel

  2. Merry Christmas!!! This is too cute :)))

  3. These cross stitch patterns are adorable.

  4. Those are so so cute! My favorite is the tree girl, too! For the same reasons. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  5. Godt nytt kreativt år!! :)


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