Monday, January 19, 2009

Birthday buns and a baby bib

I told you I was going to reveal more of what I made last week as soon as the birthday party was over, and here it is. I haven’t taken a photo of the upper part just because I didn’t finish it until the very same morning it was being given away. But what you are not seeing is the 70’s biased tape that I used on the “neck” part of the bib + some more on each side to tie the bib. It was my first attempt at biased tape and I learned that I need to practice a bit more before I master the this task completely. If you are unsure about biased tape angry chicken has made a hilarious and curse free tutorial that I recommend.

Ohh and I couldn’t resist posting some photos of all the deliciousness we got served at T’s house. Her vanilla cream filled buns are just so “ammpfffhy” good (dreaming of one right now together with a big glass of milk) and the three layered chocolate cheese cake is lethal!


  1. Oh those cakes and buns look fantastic!!

  2. beautiful picture!
    this really looks sooo yummy.............

  3. The buns looks so yummy! Mmmh... Maybe I could ask to my boyfriend baker to try something like that...


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