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Friday, January 16, 2009

More headbands & one secret birthday gift

What have you been up to this week? I made three more head bands with the “stitchery” that I did last week. Usually I don’t like to make one thing more than once, just because it bores me. I like new challenges and therefore new projects. But the headbands are fun to make because they let you try different stitch designs. So the head band is “old” but the stitching new. Since so many of you have said you love the cute stitch designs I can reveal that they all come from my new and absolutely favourite stitch book.

It is by Hiroko Isii also known as “Cahier” and it is her first “solo” book (…as far as I know). She has previously made designs for books and magazines like the Japanese Stitch idées books, where I first saw her designs and fell in love. She has just made another book which is on my list of must haves.

These photos are of a project I began this week. It is a birthday present for my friend T’s daughter. We will be going there tomorrow to have lots of delicious cakes and what ever else she has whipped up for her friends. I’ll show you the final result after we have given the present, just in case T should come by to take a sneak peek.


  1. ¡Ay! Necesito ese libro. Gracias por compartir la información.

  2. De bøger ser så gode ud. Jeg måtte bare bestille den ene af dem (den du ikke har). Det må være fortjent efter 4 hårde nattevagter:-) Dine hårbånd er meget fine Anne Marie. På mandag sender jeg dit stof, så har du det at se frem til.
    God weekend

  3. Hola me encantan todos tus trabajos, te felicito por tu creatividad..

  4. Hey! Didn't take a sneak-peak until now....;-) You should absolutely post a picture of the wonderful, cute gift to show everybody - thank you ever so much!!!! V has worn it since she got it, it's perfect!! T

  5. The headbands are great! I hope you had a good time with your friends and lots of great cakes!

  6. Neimen! Det er jo det samme skråbåndet som jeg har! Hvor har du fått tak i ditt? :-D (Mitt er fra en bortgjemt stoffbutikk i Ålesund!)

  7. Det er mitt også ;-)


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