Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dinners & chocolate cake

Today was busy. I have spent hours in the kitchen making dinner for almost the rest of the week. First I made elk meatballs with thyme, onion and white pepper. Then I made salmon fish burgers with wasabi powder, spring onion and soy sauce. I rounded up my stay in the kitchen by baking a chocolate cake. Mr. Yonder has been asking for chocolate cake since last week when he saw me baking this cake with mini marshmallows and pink sugar. After a long day I’m going to sit down in my favourite chair with a big glass of cold milk and a chunky piece of dark chocolate cake.


  1. The salmon fish burgers sound great! I am planning green chilli and bean soup and sausage, bean, potato, tomato, pepper and carrot stew for this week! Tomorrow evening I will have to make them! I've been too lazy today!

  2. Uhmmm!! Qué bueno todo no?? Guárdame un trozo de tarta!!

  3. ok. i´m in love with your blog. i´ve just put you on the top of my bookmark list. thanks for visiting! i don´t have to tell you, i´ll be back. besos-jane

  4. Your elk meatballs sound absolutely delicious! Well done with all that meal prep! The cake you made is so feminine and pretty.
    ~Emily xx

  5. Hello,
    It is Sarah (from Montana Mornings). I am so happy you left a comment because it led me to find your wonderful blog.. putting it in my favorites!!
    Funny question, but you have Elk in Norway? Your Elk meatballs sound so good. I will have to make some this week.
    Again, so good to have found your blog.. going to read more when I come in from my walk :)
    Have a good morning.

  6. Hi there, I am Camilla (from Norway) the other 1/2 of Montana Mornings. Just wanted to thank you for your kind comment on our blog. Now are you Norwegian...or American living in Norway.
    I am from Oslo.
    Hei sa lenge.

  7. Hello Anne M. ! Happy October !
    You know what ? You won my giveaway, the one with the lavender strawberry !! Please Flickrmail me with your full name & postal address, so that I can ship your little gift ASAP ! :) Take care !

  8. Sarah: I mean Moose, not Elk :-) Thank you for making me aware of the mistake! I'll change it in the post as soon a I get a chance.

    Camilla: Hei på deg! Norsk som bor i Oslo. Er det lenge siden du flyttet? :-)

    Sonia: Yuppi!!! I'm so happy. Will send you my mail adress later today. Happy, happy October!

    Besos to you too Jane and everyone else reading by.


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