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Thursday, October 01, 2009

winter wool

I have also begun making a list of all the things I need to make to give away for Christmas. I know summer has barely said goodbye, but if I don’t begin now I will not be able to finish before the packages need to be sent. This year I think I’ll make woollen hats and neck warmers. They are fairly easy to make, only take 1-2 skeins and are practical. We loooove practical. Do you have plans of making things for Christmas gifts? If so - what? Perhaps you can inspire everyone reading this post to make something different from they planned, including me.

I am preparing for winter by knitting one wool garment after another. Not for me of course but for my little princess. She needs warm clothes for her outdoor time in the kinder garden (day care). Fresh off my needless is a hat in extra fine merino wool. It is meant to accompany a grey jacket I finished last week. I haven’t posted photos of the jacket yet because I want to sew on the buttons first, but can’t decide which buttons to use: wooden buttons or fabric coated buttons? We'll see.

Someone else who is looking for inspiration for homemade Christmas presents is Sonia over at Cozy Homemaking. She has been doing a week long giveaway and I have been the lucky, lucky winner of day four. Take a look to see what super cute gifts await me. Yuppy!


  1. Sa flink du er.
    Nydelig toy til den lille.

    Jeg liker bloggen din godt, aa putter den under Favorites paa min blog saa jeg kan folge med.
    Hygglige a kunne skrive/snakke norsk av og til.
    Ha det fint sa lenge.

  2. I really am enjoying reading about Christmas preparation, as I am already thinking of it myself.
    I am making felted sewing needle envelopes and pin cushions at the moment.
    .. and knitting a lot for my little family and a baby on the way.
    Your hat is so very cute, your baby so very cute too!
    This has got to be my new fav. blog to read!

  3. så flink du er til å strikke :D helt imponerende! :)

  4. good thing you're planning ahead for gifts for the holidays. I always feel guilty and stressed when the time comes.

    How sweet she looks in the hat. you're lucky she wears it. my kids refuse to wear knits and i kinda gave up making more for them.

  5. lovely! i wish i could knit... happy weekend!

  6. how cute is your little one in that hat????

    i can't even begin to think about christmas. yikes!
    [thanks for the b-day wishes]

  7. Hi Anne Marie ! :)
    Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed the *little* list, it was such fun to make !
    I hope you have received or will receive soon your tiny little parcel !


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