Sunday, October 11, 2009

fabric coated buttons & cocido madrileño

Hi everyone! This has been a busy week. So many things to do in so little time. As you can see I went for fabric covered buttons and I must say I like the result, a bit colour to contrast the grey. I also knitted her a hat in the same yarn.

Last week I decided I had to pick up the phone and call friends I had not spoken with for months (although it only seemed like weeks). The phone calls resulted in a dinner invitation, two baby clothes exchanges and a visit to a restaurant together with my nice neighbours. The highlight of the week was without doubt our visit to my friend E who invited us for deliciously made “Cocido Mardileño”.

Cocido mardileño is a garbanzo (chickpea) stew from Madrid. There are of course as many recipes as there are households in Spain but it is usually prepared with potatoes, carrots, hen or chicken, bacon, fresh unsmoked chorizo (pork sausage), morcilla (blood sausage), and pork ham or beef spine to enhance the stock. It is usually served in two stages. First you eat the broth, and then you eat the chickpeas and meats. Historically it used to be a favourite among manual workers and I think it still is popular. Its heartiness makes it the perfect dish for fall and winter.

We had already digged in our second round when it occurred to me that I should have taken a photo. In stead you will have to do with this photo or this taken of a cocido madrileño aficionado.

I’ll tell you about this weekends highlight in a day or two.

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  1. i think you made an excellent choice with the buttons. they are cute.

    Ok, i am getting a little hungry imagining the taste of the stew. I sounds so very delicious.

    hope the rest of your weekend was fantastic!

  2. It sounds delicious! I love a good stew!

  3. Knitting + Cocido mardileño, the perfect combination for fall! The hat and sweater are darling, as is your little one--she's a cutie!

  4. Mmm, the stew sounds so wholesome, spicy and delicious!

    I so love your little one perched on the windowsill there with the most darling hat and sweater. The fabric buttons are so cute!
    ~Emily xx

  5. That is such a cute set! I love it! And I love the gray color and little mushroom buttons. So darling. Your gal is gorgeous.

  6. That stew sounds incredible and I LOVE the sweater and toque. Those buttons are to die for.

  7. Lovely baby and lovely knitting!

  8. I don't eat meat, but about the sweater & bonnet... oh they're so beautiful and the covered buttons are such a wonderful colorful touch ! i love them !

  9. Sweet, sweet simple knittings. But definitely out-sweetened by your daughter. Her smile in the second photo...!


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