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Thursday, December 10, 2009

busy bee

The weeks before Christmas usually fly by. This week flew by especially fast. I spent most of it away on a project management course. Interesting and fun. It will definitely be a good tool for my current job where I am developing a strategy to lessen the sick leave rate in the company where I work. Enough work.

The little time I have been home I spent with Astrid and knitting (after her bed time). I can’t show too much since this is a Christmas gift in the making. But it will keep two cute prince’s warm.

The pink ant string bag I made back in 2008, the night before we left for our grand 4 week long USA summer vacation. I have grown to love my little ant bag which is perfect for small knitting projects.

Next time I post I’ll show this years Christmas decoration.

Now I’m going to catch up with your postings, I missed you this week!


  1. It sounds like you had a busy week! I am on holiday today! Yippee! Off to Edinburgh for some Christmas shopping with friends so perhaps some knitting on the train.

    I think the little ant bag is just perfect.

  2. Late into the hours of the night after my little ones are tucked away is my crafting time too...I'm getting tired though, but I need that quiet time to myself.


  3. We have missed you as well!
    VERY sweet tags with a cute "Made in Yonder" I love it. Your ant bag, lovely as well. This is a great place to come and visit. Merry Christmas making to you Mrs. Yonder.

  4. i wish i could knit... the bag is adorable!

  5. I really...really like the bag you made, the material is beautiful. I know how fast the time goes by during Christmas ...hopefully you get some knitting time in.
    Looking forward to the xmas decor.

  6. No me estraña que te guste esa bolsa de hormiguitas. Es super simpática y dulce a la vez!

  7. hey anne! shall i add your link to corner view? warm hugs!

  8. Hi! I just discovered your blog! it's beautiful, well done!

  9. oh, simple projects are great for stress-free holiday giving. what a lovely bag to hold your knitting.

  10. I've been gone too long and now I have so much cathing up to do. Merry Christmas and good luck with all of your festive planning!

    (I love your ant bag, too!!)


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