Wednesday, December 02, 2009

december & advent

It was so much fun having you chiming in on the last post. Thank you! I’ll keep on showing moments from Yonder once in a while to keep a blog foot in reality.

1st Sunday of Advent passed by without posting and so did 1st of December. On Sunday I was busy opening boxes with Christmas decoration. By the time I finished taking out the decorations and decorating it was dark and not so good photo conditions.

The short days gives me a blog challenge since I like posts to be accompanied with flash free photos. In the coming months I will have to plan my posts in time and take photos during the weekend… not a good option since I prefer to blog spontaneously about what is most present in my mind.

P.S.The photo used for this post is one I took a few weeks ago of a winter still life we have in a corner of our flat. The linen strawberry is made by Sonia and one I won in a giveaway last month.


  1. such a pretty corner. i love that linen strawberry. besos!

  2. Oooh Anne Marie ... how precious to see the strawberry again !! Thank you so much for the photo !!!
    I hope you're all doing fine & being healthy. Doctor came this evening, and said that little one (5) has H1N1. Yuck.
    Stay healthy, dear, and happy Advent to you & yours ! xoxo

  3. Lovely photo. We haven't much light either friend.

    Yes, love your moments in yonder. I may start my own here.

    That strawberry is so cute, I love it!

  4. Charming! Yes, let enjoy the moments in Yonder!

  5. Lovely photo! I love the candle light. We had some snow here last Saturday. It was beautiful moment...


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