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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

3 -3.5 mm circular needles

What a bummer. I was hyped up to cast on and knit a hat for myself with this beautiful rowan yarn. Only to find out that I don’t have the right sized needles. I’ll have to cast on for another project until I can stop by a yarn store and buy needles. Perhaps I should begin a Neighbourly with some of my left over yarn in the meantime…?

By the way: Remember the days are getting lighter minute by minute and day by day (at least in this part of the world). Hope you are having a good week!


  1. Ugh. I feel your pain!

    It's getting lighter here, too. It was dark by 4:30 but now it's moving much later. Phew.

  2. It does look like lovely yarn! I hope you can get the needles soon! Usually my problem is that I can find one of a pair of needles but not the other......

  3. El color es precioso! en un viaje por el mundo compré mis dos primeras madejas de rowan felted tweed en color lila-morado. Con ellas decidí hacerme un chal calado pero grueso. Después de 2 inviernos y llevarlo muchísimo sigue igual! Y lo mejor de todo: me da la impresión que cada vez la lana es más suave! tu gorro tendrá éxito seguro!

    PD: aquí no se debe notar tanto pero los días también van alargándose. Cada día disfruto un ratito más de reflejo de luz que se crea en la pared de al lado de la ventana.

  4. Hi

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I filled the knitted stool with some old pillows. My mother-in-law gave some soggy old pillows she was throwing out anyway, and they did the trick! Think I used 2 pillows, but it was a rather small stool.

    Love the stuff you make, by the way!

  5. Oh, I definitely notice the lightening days! It is lovely isn't it? Spring must be lurking just around the next bend? My son is already thinking about all the tulips he planted last fall coming into bloom.

    Your yarn is drop dead gorgous! Rats about the lack of needles. Hope you get some soon!

  6. La foto està tirada un poco a contraluz pero esta es la entrada que en su día hice en el blog:

    En ravelry tengo unas cuantas fotos más:

    Creo que la lana simplemente queda bien con todo!

    Falta poquito ya para semana santa. A ver si tenemos suerte este año con el tiempo!

  7. That stinks...especially when you were looking so forward to it.
    I've knit with this, made a sweater for Gabe when he was a is lovely to knit with...once you get the needles, you'll love it.
    Have great week.

  8. Beautiful yarns! I wish I knew how to knit... i tried before but I gave up..
    Have a great week!

  9. Beautiful colour, too bad you didn't have the right needle on hand.
    We saw a little glimp of the sun today :)

  10. I'm intrigued...what is a Neighbourly?

  11. I gave up knitting for 2010 or kind of. I think I'll devote myself to my big love only = crochet !
    I bought the same Rowan last weekend, but in a rich pink... isn't this yarn beautiful ?!! fingerless gloves for me.. probably !

  12. i hope you're sorted out with the needles? yes/no? Hmm. I know where that yarn is going!

    p.s. it's sunny today and i took your advice. I have been sitting in my daughters bright sunny room for over two hours now, getting my vit d fix! it works!


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