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Sunday, February 07, 2010

new needles & the delicious Rowan felted tweed

I finally had the time to pop by a store to by the required needles for the golden autumn, the beautiful hat designed by talented Lucy. I have casted on and Camilla (Bloom) was right, once I started knitting I loved it. The first 40 something rounds are easy just stockinet stitches. I met my first challenge when I was going to fold the hem for the double edging and pick up stitches from the cast on edge. I was doing this late at night and without enough light and I guess that’s why the hem turned out biased. So there was nothing else to do but to redo.

Now I have begun knitting the pattern and it is so much fun. It is difficult enough to be challenging yet easy enough for me to experiencing flow while knitting.

My new challenge is that I think I have chosen the wrong size. I think this hat will be too big for me. What do I do? On the one hand I want to make this hat in a size that will fit me. On the other hand it is so much fun knitting the pattern…and I don’t want to start all over again which will mean another week before I can knit the pattern. Decisions, decisions.


  1. Ja, det er da lidt af et dilemma. Jeg tor nok, at jeg ville vælge at strikke den i den rigtige størrelse, for det er altså surt at strikke noget, som man ikke kan passe. Så skal du jo også bare strikke en ny.

  2. Takk, Marie-Loise. Det er et godt råd. Du har rett det er bedre å strikke i riktig størrelse. Jeg trengte det lille puff fra deg :-)

  3. Beauiful color you have picked. I know that dilemma. I have started over many times. It is hard to do.. but makes you not question yourself as you are working on something so fun. I have even called a friend for support while ripping out a sweater! LOL

    We are here for you if you start over! :)

  4. Hej! Vilken underbar blogg du har, hit kommer jag gärna igen :)

  5. maybe when you are done you can "pull" it smaller w/ a drawstring? it will end up ruffling the hat, but i could be cute that way??? just a thought so you don't have to start over...

  6. Is the yarn feltable? You could shrink it just a tad. . .

    The color is gorgeous!

  7. "Flow" is such a nice place to be. Enjoy.


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