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Saturday, October 05, 2013

Mortar and pestle mat

I’m enjoying a cup of hot Indian chai while knitting and watching the birds on our bird feeder. I always dreamt of moments like this when we lived in our flat with balcony and no bird feeder.

I also wanted to show you this “mortar & pestle mat” that I made, (my own definition: a small mat that fits under your mortar & pestle so that your very expensive kitchen bench in oak does not get scratches while the m&p is being used) now used for my teapot.

It’s been ages since I stitched something. These last weeks the urge to stitch again became impossible to dismiss.

To obey the need for stitching I found this lovely squared Japanese fabric in my stash and some blue thread. Nothing fancy or sophisticated, just lines in different lengths, to give a different look and texture on the surface. I am pleased. I might do some more sewing and stitching this fall.


  1. I love this time of year. Wish I could drop by for a cup of tea. Nice stitching, A M.

    1. Dear Mette, you are welcome over for a cup of tea any time!

  2. i love your mat!!! particularly those little squares w/ the tiny stitches...

  3. Ooooh! My secret dream is to have a little garden for enjoy moments like you describe. I love your coasters!!

  4. I agree with Lisa. It is a wonderful little mat. Such pretty color. I'm inspired to make one myself.

  5. What a pretty little mat. And a great idea to put something between the mortar and pestle and your countertops. Can't wait to see what you are knitting!


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