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Friday, November 01, 2013

Colours of fall

I am collecting inspiration from my garden and my doorstep. I absolutely love the colours of fall.

Our garden I full of these mushrooms. Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about mushrooms. I know that fly agaric is very poisonous, and I have a darning mushroom that looks like a fly agaric, that’s about it.

I wish I did know more... imagine if these are delicious eatable mushrooms? I could make mushroom pies and invite the neighbours. Imagine what we are missing every single fall for not knowing enough about mushrooms.

How are you mushrooms skills?

Do you know what kind of mushrooms these are, and if they are eatable or not?

Wish you a nice weekend!


  1. Jeg og skulle likt å kunne mer om sopp, jeg tør ikke spise eller plukke dem i det hele tatt og det er jo synd for der er sikkert mange gode,
    Bildene dine er flotte, så vi får nyte synet av dem i stedet

  2. I think they are chantrelles. I know it's mushroom season over in my neck of the woods. happy foraging. !

  3. Your photos are beautiful! I know nothing about mushrooms. People forage around here, but I'm too scared that I'd kill my little family, so I stick with mushroom purchases at the grocery store!

  4. Aixxx, yo no puedo ayudarte no tengo ni idea de setas, pero las fotos son geniales!!


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