Thursday, March 03, 2011

many life changes

They are all good changes but right now life is so busy that I don’t know how to relax when I have some time to do so. I keep finding my shoulders tight up under my ears and no matter how many times I roll them around and try to relax they keep up ending under the ears. I need a massage, yoga class and some relaxing acupuncture, all at the same time. Do you know what I mean?
Jacket made in baby wool for my friend R's daughter

The funny thing is that all the busyness is related to changes that we have wanted for some time and that we are very happy to welcome.

As you might now, I have been day dreaming of a house where I can put a food tray for small birds right outside our kitchen window. Well, in January we bought a house! It is a small “town house”, but still a house. With garden. AND garage!

A garage might not mean much to you (depending on where you live) but for most people living in Oslo it means a million in saved time from driving around the streets looking for somewhere to park the car. During winter it means saved back pain from hours of shovelling snow before parking or before driving away to get the car out from where parked.

The last two weeks have been extremely busy  putting our flat for sale, choosing a real estate company, preparing the flat for the property appraiser, the photographer, and then for the flat viewing. Lots of hard work in short time. It all paid off. Two days after the viewing our flat was sold for more than the asking price. Happy, happy, happy!

In the midst of all this I left a job on Friday and began a new one on Tuesday. Today was my second day and I am so very content with the change I have done. Life is great. It was already good, now it is even better.

We get the keys for our new house in the beginning of April. There are several things we need to do with it before moving in (in June) but that I’ll save for another day. Now I’ll go on with my shoulder rolling and yoga.

Happy Thursday!

Ravelry link to jacket


  1. madre mia que cosa tan bonita!!!
    cuanta ternura y que coores tan bonitos, los botones la cinta de terciopelo, estoy maravillada!!!

    enhorabuena porque es precioso!!!

  2. Congratulations on the new house and new job! What an exciting time. And the jacket is beautiful too.

    [I know what you mean about the shoulders. I keep finding mine up by my ears too]

  3. I always enjoy the beautiful pictures on your blog, Anne Marie! Congrats with the new job!

  4. Congratulations on the new place and the new job! Having your own parking space is worth a lot in Oslo, I know. And I also know both selling one's place, moving, and starting a new job is all hard work. Good luck with everything.

  5. lots of exciting things going on~ congrats!

  6. Oh, I am so THRILLED for you! You have managed to pull it all together and yes, a message is in order!

    Good luck with the rest of work to be done...and some knitting to relax.

  7. Hello! I tried to post this earlier but it wouldn't work. So here goes:

    Congratulations! How exciting a new house and a new job. I am glad that you got your apartment sold too = here in the UK the housing market is stagnant.....will we ever recover from recession!

    I am excited to see the new place - perhaps soon I'll have something to post on my own redevelopment work in the flat - but everything so far has been more internal than cosmetic! Got to pay the electrician tonight and the roofer tomorrow!

  8. So much good (only 2 days and above asking!) and an absolutely beautiful little sweater. Enjoy all that's new in your life!

  9. Wow -- that's a lot of changes in a short time. Congratulations on them all -- how very exciting! The little sweater is just beautiful -- what a perfect baby gift!

  10. Sé a qué sensación te refieres, a menudo pienso que unas clases de yoga no me irían mal, pero aún así, creo que tu "stress" ha valido la pena. Son todo buenas noticias! Me alegro de leerlas!

  11. Wow, can I completely relate. My neck has been in knots for weeks. Very happy to found your blog and looking forward to following your new adventures in your new home! Congratulations.

  12. qué de cosas! me alegro mucho de todas esas buenas noticias :)
    La chaquetita es preciosa.

  13. What a lovely tresure you have made...this jacket is a true heirloom , so beautiful and well made Anne Marie.
    Congratulations on your house the States 2 days would be Monumental- that is really amazing.
    Are you still in Oslo then?
    ...og gratulerer med ny job!

    I am starting to save my pennies...thinking about a trip home next year with my fam.(cross my fingers)

  14. Felicidades portodos esos cambios!! Empieza una nueva aventura. :)

  15. Congratulations with house and the new job! Seems like you really live a life in yonder these days. No wonder you feel a little tense. Good luck with it all, and be kind to yourself in the meantime!

  16. Grattis med huskjøpt og leilighets salg! Så spennende. Jeg håper du deler bilder fra det nye huset etterhvert.

    Koselig at du vi bake påskekaken min... jeg har allerede "tyvstartet", og bakte den til mine vinterferie-besøkende. Og flere kaker skal det nok bli...

  17. Poor you... know exactly how you feel about the shoulders... and nothing seems to help! But the house will be wonderful and the baby sweater is sweet, sweet, sweet. Things will be better.

  18. Thank you everyone for all your good wishes, advises and shared thoughts!

  19. sorry I missed all this while i was away from the internet...
    this is such a pretty little cardigan !
    and (belated but sincere) congratulations on your new job, and new house ! how exciting this is !!!

    a hot bath with essential oil, like geranium for exmaple help to get rid of muscle tnesion...

  20. yay! happy days. i always say change is good. (i´m going through the same thing now and i think i´m going a bit crazy in the process...) will try shoulder rolls... :)
    p.s. send me your address and i´ll send you a cloud print for your new home!
    big hugs!

  21. ¡Enhorabuena por la casa nueva!

  22. Denne måtte jeg pinne, røk rett inn på listen min :) Nydelig, klem fra Beth


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