Tuesday, September 13, 2011

our summer progress

Thank you everyone for the encouraging words and for checking in on me from time to time. I hope you have had a nice summer filled with your favourite summer funs. With so many things to do I have not had the time or creativity to write and post. Energy is coming back and here is an abbreviated update of these last months. Just to catch up a bit.

April 10th: All the floors in the second floor have been sanded and varnished.

May 1st: Walls are being torn down, door openings closed and others opened. I have no clue as to how this will be finished by June first.

May 10th: Holes and cracks in the bedroom walls and ceiling are now filled with fine and coarser filler. Tomorrow we begin to sand it all down. I look forward to all the dust.

May 27th: Finally finished painting the 3rd coat in two of three bedrooms.

June 1st: We have moved to our new house! There is no kitchen here yet.

June 14th: There is still a lot to do and we are trying to keep sane while waiting for the house to come together. After two weeks without a kitchen sink and water in the kitchen we are delighted to do a re-entry to the dish washing routine. The cabin feeling and fun with “back to basic” of washing the dishes in the shower wears off surprisingly fast. It will be years (…at least months) before I complain about being the one to empty the dish washer. It is beginning to look more like a kitchen than a construction site.

June 20th: Trying to decide on colour for the stairs. Haven’t found the right one yet, but we are getting closer.

June 25th: The electrician was here to day to do some more work. Now we have light in our bedroom and bathroom. Hurray!

June 28th: We are going on a much needed vacation to Costa Brava (Spain)

July 18th: We are back from holiday with renewed energy to take on more work in the house.

July 20th: Our basement is floated with water because of the heavy rain the last days.

July 22th: Something terrible happened today. Unexpectedly and far from anyone’s imagination.

July 23rd: It is worse than we thought yesterday. It is a national tragedy. No one of our friends have been affected. We feel numbed.

August 3rd: We finished painting the walls in the stair cases.

August 8th: We finished painting the kitchen. One day before my cousin and her friend come to visit.

September 2nd: The door knobs are finally on all the doors in the second floor.

September 10th: The walls and the ceiling in the basement living room are painted white.

September 12th: We are still waiting for the refrigerator that supposedly arrives the 15th.

And we have one patient little girl, that we feel very, very guilty for not playing and having as much fun with as we should. There will be some catching up in the time to come.

 I'll be around from now on. Looking forward to catching up these autumn!


  1. At last! Lovely to see what you two (three!) have been up to. A fantastic job – and the results seem to be excellent. My regards to Siscu and Astrid!

  2. Hvor er hun sød din lille datter,SÅ sød. Spændende med jeres husprojekt.

  3. Som dere har jobbet!!! Og så fint som det blir!!! Gleder meg til å se dere alle tre snart. – Ja, og så huset da selvfølgelig. Stor klem :)

  4. yay congratulations for so much done ! what a great job accoplished. love the photo of your staircase !
    we are having plenty of appointments with contractors at the moments for an extension built to our house so we can have a proper kitchen... and some other appointments to transform a kind of weed field at the back of our house into a fruit tree patch.
    all this takes time, efforts & energy doesn't it ?!
    give this beautiful girl a big hug from western France xo & i hope you'll have your kitchen completed asap !

  5. So good to hear from you and know that behind all the rubble and unending house fixing chores, you found time to take a break and play with Astrid. She really has morphed into a sweet girl, seems to have a patient disposition.

    Well in due time before winter strikes, you will be comfortably enjoying your days on the couch and patting yourselves for the great work done!

    I have some more painting to do although the entire living room area downstairs in all white!


  6. Me alegro mucho de verte de nuevo. Te esperaba.

  7. Sounds like the worst of the remodeling is over and now the fun part of decorating is beginning. Of course, the best part is when it is done and you can just enjoy!

  8. You are all patient and will be so pleased and cozy once it is all done. Your little girl is absolutely adorable. What a cutie.

  9. Wait. THAT's your little baby!? She's all grown up. When did that happen?

    Wow. The house looks amazing - even with all that work to be done. So bright and cheerful. Really pretty!


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