Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wool in use

Recently, the Norwegian knitter Merete from the blog «Monstermønster» had a blog post about her wool in use (she has a funny undertone when writing, and that is one of the reasons I enjoy her blog so much).

Inspired by her, I thought I would share my wool in use. I realized very quickly that I could not. The reason is I have never knitted any sweaters or jackets for me, only hats and scarfs. I always end up knitting for my children or other relatives and friends. In my case, the wool in use in our household means my children’s “wool in use”.

Wool in use nr. 1 (first from the left), The Spring Jacket, knitted in 2009. No longer in use. Not because Astrid grew out of it, but because my husband did the laundry. I cried, but still let him do the laundry. Until it shrunk, it was one of my favourite jackets. Astrid wore that for years and still it looked very good. It went from being a large jacket with the arms folded up, to be a bolero with ¾ arms. A good invested knitting time. I used Drops Alpaca and it held up to the many washes and wear and tear.

Wool in use nr. 2 (second from left), Left Over Stripes, knitted in 2012. Still in use because I love how he looks in it, but getting too small. Knitted in leftover yarn from Sandnes Alpaca and Drops Alpaca. Again, it still looks good after a lot of wash and wear. I usually wash the wool by hand due to too many washing machine accidents like the above.

Wool in use nr. 3 (third from left) Blue for Baby A, knitted in 2013. This one is in use every week. Knitted in Baby Wool (Merino) from Gjestal, and looks good after lots of wear and tear. Which goes to show that yarn does not have to be expensive to be warm and lasting.

Wool in use nr. 4 (third from the right) Jacket for Astrid, knitted in 2011 by my mum. I think it is knitted in Drops Fabel, colour “pink dream” but I’m not sure. Anyhow, Astrid has worn and torn the jacket for almost three years now and it keeps up very well.

Wool in use nr. 5 (second from the right), Birthday Dress Cardigan, knitted in 2012. This one is not as much in use as the other ones. That is simply because it is her Birthday Party Dress Cardigan, which she mostly uses when going to Birthday Parties. I knitted this one with long arms so it will fit her for several years to come.

Wool in use nr. 6 (first from the right), Kindergarten Jumper 2, knitted in 2011. This is actually a remake (the first Kindergarten Jumper was knitted in 2009) and was never Ravelry’ed. I used Gjestal Baby Wool. Jumpers and sweaters in thin wool seems to be used more often in our household than other knitted garments.

What's your wool in use? And what's your wool not in use, and why?


  1. These are all beautiful! I love the colour of the first jacket. I have hardly any wool in use in my house because I rarely knit for me - what I do have are a pair of Swedish Squirrel Mittens in grey and black and a dark grey hat - they are favourite winter items for me - but now I am knitting a pair of Perianth mittens in dark grey and yellow - they might become my new favourites!

    The clocks changed here in Scotland today so it was dark at 515pm - boo!

    1. It has changed here too, Not looking forward to November.

      But I am looking forward to see your new mittens! Dark grey and yellow sounds fab! I love that combination!

  2. What a beautiful little collection of knits! That aqua sweater is divine! Now. You MUST knit something for YOU -- it's time, isn't it???

    1. I know, it is. I just can't decide on what to knit... :-)

  3. I like seeing them all together. Nice work!

  4. Så mye fint du har strikket til barna! Ull er gull, også holder det så mye lengre enn mye av kjøpetøyet:)

  5. Love it! Thanks for participating!

    Veldig moro å se det samlet!


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